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Finally Ready For Take-Off: Read The First 6 Pages Of Kirkman’s ‘Stealth’ Now!



The newest installment in Robert Kirkman’s (“MARVEL ZOMBIES”, “THE WALKING DEAD”) ongoing “PILOT SEASON” series was SUPPOSED to drop all the way back in January, then it got pushed back to late April before getting delayed again, but NOW “STEALTH” has finally gotten itself off the ground. (About time, eh?) I had even contemplated choosing it as our “PICK OF THE WEEK” for this week, but then thought better of it because there’s no telling whether or not this one will actually show up on shelves until you see it with your own eyes. But low and behold the delays are over, and inside you can read the first 6 pages of the issue that went on-sale today thanks to Top Cow Comics. Read on for the skinny.

WRITTEN BY: Robert Kirkman And Marc Silvestri
ILLUSTRATED BY: Sheldon Mitchell

“Todd Carey is recovering from a nasty divorce, his daughter is flunking out of college and he’s just learned that his father has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Unable to really take care of himself, Todd has allowed his father to move in with him. What Todd doesn’t know, is that his father is the masked vigilante STEALTH… and has been his entire life. Stealth has many enemies and his erratic behavior could easily get him killed–and all this trouble falls squarely in Todd’s lap.”

“TOP COW’S PILOT SEASON: STEALTH” Drops TODAY From Top Cow Entertainment! (MSRP-$2.99)


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