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Gaiman Wins Court Dispute Over ‘Spawn’ Contributions



Yesterday a federal judge in Wisconsin ruled in favor of popular horror novelist and comic book writer Neil Gaiman (“AMERICAN GODS”, “NEVERWHERE”) regarding his rights to several key characters in the “SPAWN” mythos that he worked on all the way back in 1992. The dispute over the characters has been a long running one, but as of yesterday it would seem that justice has been served. Get all the details courtesy of Variety beyond the break. Read on for the skinny.

Here Is An Excerpt From The Article Over At Variety…

“In 2002, a jury found that Gaiman had a copyright interest in three characters he wrote, and which were drawn to his specifications by McFarlane: Medieval Spawn and the characters Angela and Count Cogliostro. The value of the copyright interest is still subject to accounting, but at stake are profits from posters, trading cards, an HBO animated series, clothing and other items.

Crabb found that the characters of Dark Ages Spawn and Medieval Spawn have the same distinctive look that “would cause any reader, casual or constant, to see a substantial similarity between them.”

“It seems far more than coincidence that Dark Ages (McFarlane) Spawn is a knight from the same century as Medieval (Gaiman) Spawn,” Crabb wrote.

McFarlane was given until Sept. 1 to produce an accounting of the money earned from the characters.”

The Rest Can Be Read Over At Variety


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