Cassie Hack Continues To Make Friends This Week In 'Hack/Slash/Eva' Issue #1! - Bloody Disgusting
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Cassie Hack Continues To Make Friends This Week In ‘Hack/Slash/Eva’ Issue #1!



Cassie Hack gets around, and these days it is in more ways than one. The Suicide Girl/Cult Comic Icon has done nothing but grow in popularity over the past year, and some of that could be accredited to the various crossovers that the character has made in that time. In keeping with that theme, this week Tim Seeley and his cast of characters will be teaming with Dynamite’s “EVA” for the first issue of their crossover event. Inside you can get all the details, including a 5 page preview. Read on for the skinny…

WRITTEN BY: Brandon Jerwa
COVER BY: Tim Seeley

“Eva: a time-lost warrior who believes that God wants her to rid our world of the foul things that lurk in the shadows. Cassie Hack: a 21st century anti-heroine who has devoted her life to the elimination of “slashers” who kill without mercy or reason. These lethal ladies and their monstrous majordomos Michael and Vlad may seem like two sides of the same coin, but they’re as different as night and day. When a mysterious figure brings them together, the whole world’s going to be reminded that Hell hath no fury like two women on a mission in a city full of monsters!”

“HACK/SLASH/EVA: MONSTER’S BALL” Issue #1 Drops This Wednesday From Image/Dynamite Comics! (MSRP – $3.99)


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