The Flesh-Eating Undead Infest The Jungles Of Vietnam In ' '68 ' Issue #2! - Bloody Disgusting
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The Flesh-Eating Undead Infest The Jungles Of Vietnam In ‘ ’68 ‘ Issue #2!



Let’s face it: we all love zombies and war. I mean c’mon – it is easily the most played out subgenre running right now for the 18-25 crowd besides sparkly vampires and vibrantly colored socks. Granted, this alternative is infinitely more entertaining, and won’t leave you feeling emasculated and itchy. Proving to be the best undead laced horror title in comics this side of Robert Kirkman’s “THE WALKING DEAD”, fellow Image Comics monthly ” ’68 ” is impressing critics and casual readers everywhere with its unique take on the genre. If you are one of the few who has yet to get in there, then we suggest you read on for the 5 page preview of the series’ second ish that hits shelves this Wednesday. Read on for the skinny…

WRITTEN BY: Mark Kidwell
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Nat Jones, Tim Vigil, and Jay Fotos

“An anti-war activist actress on a propaganda tour, a deep cover CIA agent with a secret agenda and a young, Chinese-American grunt facing a screeching, drooling undead thing made up of dozens of Viet-Cong dead…these stories and more intertwine as the Vietnam-Zombie epic continues.”

” ’68 ” Issue #2 Drops May 25th From Image Comics! (MSRP – $3.99)


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