ALICE COOPER Talks 'Theatre of Death' and a New Character For a New Album in 2010 - Bloody Disgusting
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ALICE COOPER Talks ‘Theatre of Death’ and a New Character For a New Album in 2010


on posted a pretty cool interview with the original “shock rocker” ALICE COOPER. He hits on everything from drinking with Kieth Moon, to finding religion, to his current “Theatre of Death” tour. For UK readers, you can by tickets now for the tour that will be coming through your neighborhood November 24th at

When asked about the new album that’s due out in 2010 his response was:

“I’m not gonna be very specific with you but I’m gonna say this — I’m creating this new character that Alice will be playing. Also a villain. At the same time it’s going to be a character that’s going to allow Alice to stretch out musically a little bit more. He’s a bit of a phantom but what he does allows the music to do a lot of things. It’ll be pretty interesting.”


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