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Update On As I Lay Dying’s New Album



Phil Sgrosso, guitarist of As I lay Dying, has issued an update on behalf of himself and the rest of the band in regards to the new album, “The Powerless Rise”. 

“We’ve been pretty busy the past few months. We´re about several last minute pickscrapes/thunderchugs away from finishing ALL tracking for The Powerless Rise. We´ve had Colin Richardson and his assistant Martyn “Ginge” Ford out in San Diego working on mixes every day for about a month so far.

It took a bit of time for us to get the guitar tone in the right place, but we’ve finally settled on something we all love and compliments the drums and bass quite nicely. Josh and Tim´s vocals are sounding great as well. Colin and Ginge are doing a killer job!” “Besides stopping by the studio a couple days a week, we´ve all been
preparing to start up the next tour cycle. We’ve got an Australian/New
Zealand run in late March, the Revolver awards April 8th in LA, followed
by a US headliner that´ll be going on right around the time our new
record comes out.

“It´s been nice being home most of the past year but it´s time to get
back out there with some new songs and an entirely new stage setup to
intensify the live show. I’ve been missing that adrenaline rush from
playing to our fans and I assure you the new songs will bring our live
energy to a new level. Keep an eye out, we´ll be coming to you soon…”

“The Powerless Rise” is expected to be released early this summer on Metal Blade Records with a tour in support.


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