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Ruiner Is Cashing In



It seems like having two full length albums is the most a hardcore band is allowed to make before they call it quits and unfortunately the same goes for Ruiner. Ruiner have been around for the last six years and have made some solid records and have been touring non stop since they started. But their time has come and I wish them all the best.

Vocalist Rob Sullivan had this to say, “This wasn’t an easy choice to make.  All of us started playing in bands when we were in middle school and for the first time in 12-13 years, some of us won’t be having band practice on a weekly basis. But we know this is a choice we needed to make.  We always ran this band at 100% and some of us now feel like we don’t have the desire to tour anymore. We aren’t the kind of band who wants to release records and rarely play the music, so we decided it is now an appropriate time to hang it up. We got to see the world a few times over and with that met a lot of incredible people. We will all  be forever grateful for that, but we know this decision is the right one to make.  I’m sure I could give many more reasons as to why, but the gist of it is if this band can’t be done at full speed, we feel it is better to stop.”


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