OMFG Of The Day: GWAR Plays On Xbox Kinect - Bloody Disgusting
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OMFG Of The Day: GWAR Plays On Xbox Kinect



GWAR is nearly finished with the touring cycle for their latest album, ‘Bloody Pit Of Horror’. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s all work for the band. Sometimes, you just need to cut loose and bust out some dance moves on the Xbox Kinect. You can check out the ludicrous video HERE.

Here’s what Oderus had to say about the past several weeks: “We did a Christmas special for, we tested the new Microsoft Kinect for Game Informer, and my human slave even wrote a book about some good friends of ours. The only thing I regret is that I apparently can’t tell a Bantha from a Wampa!”
Oh GWAR, I love you so.


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