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E3: ‘Left 4 Dead 2’ Hands On Thoughts



Reset and I had an opportunity to stop by Valve’s private show room at E3 and get our hands on Left 4 Dead 2, which arrives for the PC and Xbox 360 in November. We got to play the first two sections of the campaign, “The Parish”. Hit the break to see how it measures up to the original.


Left 4 Dead 2 takes place in the bayou during the earlier days of the infection. It will feature 5 new campaigns with four new survivors. The AI Director has been reworked to make the infected even more unpredictable. If you have played the first Left 4 Dead you will be able to jump right into the sequel and feel right at home.

The visuals have been greatly improved and the controls have been tightened up. One of the first things I noticed was the amount of detail that went into visible damage on the infected. Dismembered infected will continue to pursue you until you put them down for good.

The controls feel much tighter than original. There were a few new features we were able to try out in the demo. One was the introduction of melee weapons. I grabbed a frying pan and Reset grabbed the fire axe. The fire axe was pretty effective at chopping through the infected, but it swings slowly, whereas the frying pan was fast, but didn’t really do any damage. All the guns we were able to use were the same as the original but with redesigned look.

One new feature for the weapons is incendiary ammo. These bullets will light the infected on fire. You will have a very limited amount of incendiary ammo, but it will definitely give you an edge over the infected. A new special infected was introduced in the demo as well, the Charger. It looks an underdeveloped Tank in overalls. This guy is fast. True to his name, he will charge full force at you and knock you to the ground giving the rest of the infected a chance to gang up on you. The Witch now walks around while she is crying making it even more difficult to sneak around her.

Bottom line is L4D2 is fun. They took everything you loved about the original and improved upon it. The new content fits right in and doesn’t feel out of place. I loved every moment of it. Words really can’t do it justice, it is something that just has to be experienced. L4D2 will be hitting stores this year Nov. 17 and I will be counting down the minutes until I get chance to play it again.


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