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BioDefense: Zombie Outbreak



In case you wanted more zombie games on the iPhone, I’m going to let you take a look at another one. This one is a zombie RTS however. Pretty much like most RTS’s you build up your defenses and ready yourself for the oncoming attack.

Jan Benjaminson, CEO of Resolution Interactive, says: “BioDefense will revolutionize the strategy genre on the iPhone. It just feels more free than other Tower Defense games and is not as complicated to learn like most RTS games. It’s just pure fun to play with a really addictive gameplay. So we’re very excited to let gamers explore this unique experience on the platform.” Features past the break. Features
• Unique Mix of RTS and TD
• Endless Survival Mode
• Missions which provides fast challenges
• Unique Enemy Types with different behavior
• Large Waves of attacking enemies
• Upgrades for Buildings
• Unlockable Missions and Enemy Info
• OpenFeint Achievements and Leaderboards


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