New Catherine Trailer Brings On the Bizarre - Bloody Disgusting
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New Catherine Trailer Brings On the Bizarre



I’ve been reluctant to cover Catherine mainly because despite seeing a handful of screenshots and trailers for the game I still have no solid understanding of what this game is. It looks like an anime with strong sexual and horror tendencies, and it looks like you control a dude who’s been stripped of everything but his boxers and a pillow (perhaps that’s his weapon? Is there a Pillow Fight Combat System in this game?) Since I’m positive there are plenty of you out there who actually know what this is I’ll shut up so you can check out this brand new trailer for the game.

I have to ask: was that a giant baby around the 1:29 mark? And are those sheep things your friends or are they the enemies? And finally, what the fuck inspired this game? Are the designers locked away in the Atlus studios spending their time tripping on acid and Absinthe and just tossing every hallucination they have into this game? Anyone interested in this bundle of bizarro?


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