Play As Paxton Fettel in FEAR 3's Single Player - Bloody Disgusting
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Play As Paxton Fettel in FEAR 3’s Single Player



Paxton Fettel is a bad, bad man. If you’ve seen his work in past FEAR games you know he’s be awkward to have as a friend, with that his cannibalistic tendencies and such. However, for those of you who enjoy treading the dark side FEAR 3 will give you the option to play as this undead badass, and all you have to do is beat each chapter as Point Man to unlock Fettel as a playable character.

Sounds good to me, I don’t know about you but the game just got a little more interesting knowing I can crush skulls, possess my enemies and throw them about the room with my evil dude superpowers. Head past the break for some screens.


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