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Devil May Cry Headed to the Silver Screen



It looks like the Devil May Cry may be getting the ever-popular film adaptation treatment, and it’ll be done by the folks that brought us the Resident Evil films. Variety reports that Screen Gems has acquired the rights to a big screen adaptation of Capcom’s 10 million unit seller and Kyle Ward has been brought on to write up the script.

Ward also penned the screenplay for the upcoming Kane & Lynch adaptation starring Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx. My only question is whether the film will follow the old Dante we all know and love or the new and improved Emo Dante so many people seem to hate? It makes sense if Capcom wants to push the game’s new look for them to go with the revamped Dante but there’s also a chance that less people will want to see the film if it stars a character they have no connection to (yet). But ultimately, it’s up to you. Which wise-cracking badass would you prefer to see on the big screen? [News via Variety]


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