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World Of The Living Dead



It was only a matter of time, but it would seem that zombies have taken over the entire world. World of the Living Dead will be an in browser playable zombie survival game. In the game you play as operatives of the National Emergency Control and Relief Agency (NECRA), and you will have to guide survivors through the zombie infested streets of Los Angeles County.

Real life elements will come into play, eating, drinking, fighting for supplies. There will also be skill trees for characters, real world weapons, and once someone dies, they aren’t coming back. Screens and features past the break. Check out the games official site HERE, and give them your email to sign up for the beta. Features

* Survival strategy zombie MMO browser game
* Huge game universe, starting with all of Los Angeles County
* Background story based on a drastic plan to save humanity
* Competition for limited resources – locations do not replenish
* Realistic character needs based on fear, fatigue, hunger and thirst
* Hardcore PvP with character permadeath and item looting from corpses
* Establish upgradeable safehouses and claim territory
* Control multiple characters with unique skill development paths
* Real-world weapons and items
* 100+ in-game collectible bonus cards
* Dozens of achievements for surviving, fighting and exploring
* Over 9 million zombies!


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