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Capcom Confirms Resident Evil: Raccoon City, Details Inside



After much anticipation, begging and pleading an Outbreak style Resident Evil game has been confirmed by Capcom. The game is Resident Evil: Raccoon City and it’s being developed by SOCOM developer Slant Six. With the studio’s pedigree I think it’s safe to say this multiplayer centric Resident Evil game won’t disappoint.

Revealed in the May issue of Official Xbox Magazine, Raccoon City will be a squad based shooter where you’ll have the option of choosing between three factions, including Umbrella. Head past the break for all the details we know so far! Summarized by StickSkills, the game is set in Raccoon City in 1998, the same time Resident Evil 2 took place. You’ll be able to see the outbreak that started it all as one of four brand new faces from the Umbrella Security Services Squad. The other two factions are the US Spec Ops who will be tasked with taking out the USSS and Umbrella’s BOWs, which should be familiar to any fans of the series.

Raccoon City is a squad-based shooter where you and your team will be tasked with covering up any evidence that links Umbrella to the Outbreak. But you won’t only be killing hordes of zombies and any BOWs Umbrella’s left behind, on top of that you’ll also have to take out any survivors you come across. Essentially, you have to be a heartless bastard, but I think I can manage that.

Thankfully, this won’t be another campy cheesefest as this game will be much darker than past games in the series. With the task of killing innocent civilians and hiding evidence that led to a major tragedy, I can see where the game’s darker tones come in.

One of the more exciting details is your ability to alter the history of events in Resident Evil. You’ll have the opportunity to meet familiar faces from past games in the series and you’ll even have the option to kill them. Didn’t like how they slutted up Jill Valentine? Now’s your chance to end her before she has the chance to kick your ass in Resident Evil 5. Granted, I don’t know who you’ll come across so Jill might not make an appearance, but if she does I think I’ll warn her that future Jill is a total skank.

There will also be an experience system that unlocks and upgrades your skills, adding a bit of an RPG feel to make the game a little more interesting. And finally, we also know Raccoon City will be available for both the Xbox 360 and PS3. Stay tuned for any more updates as they come out!

Note: no art or screens have been released for the game, the pictures above are just pretty pictures I found on the interweb.

News via Eurogamer

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