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E3: This DmC Trailer Whips Out the Super Saiyan



Whether or not you like the new Dante I’d say it’d be tough to argue that this game doesn’t look good – the only problem is that, to me, it barely resembles a Devil May Cry game. Where’s the gritty environments, the cheesy dialogue, or the strategically placed devil doors (not real name?) that keep my frightened ass from fleeing the battle? I’m not entirely sure if I dig Dante’s emo look, I’ve seen enough brooding protagonists in my video games thank you very much. But this isn’t about that, so I’ll shut up now so you can check out the game’s brand new trailer and decide for yourself whether this is a direction you want the series to head.

Quick question, did Dante go super saiyan near the middle of the trailer? Check out a handful of new screens for the game after the break.

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