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Resident Evil Revival Selection Might Fetch A High Price This September



Remember those HD versions of Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica X that were revealed back in March? Well, if this yet to be confirmed rumor from the latest issue of Famitsu is correct, Japan might be getting some crisp and sexy Resident Evil action this September. But please, don’t get too excited just yet. Famitsu is a Japanese gaming magazine so even if this is true the September 8th release date might only be for Japan. There’s no word on if this goes for the rest of us as well.

The reported price of the Revival Selection is ¥4,490, or roughly the price of a new game (56 bucks). Not a bad deal since the bundle includes HD versions of two fantastic Resident Evil games. Sadly, many lazier gamers like myself will have to get up to swap discs since the Xbox 360 version will come on two while the PS3 version will ship on a single blu-ray disc. Supposedly, the bundle will also bring with it a digital version of the two Resident Evil Archives books, so that’s a nice bonus for those who missed them. UPDATE: North American versions of the Revival Selection are still download only!

[News via Andriasang.]

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