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New Silent Hill Remastered Collection Details Surface



Remember that exciting little reveal from E3 that Konami was joining Capcom in bringing back one of their classic horror franchises in HD? Well, thanks to GameStop, we finally have some new details regarding this collection. If you weren’t aware, both Silent Hill 2 and 3 are getting remastered with crisper visuals and new voicework before they get rereleased on the PS3. Unfortunately, only playstation fans will be getting the collection for now, but there’s a chance it’ll migrate to other platforms as well.

Granted, all of the info gleaned from the collection’s product page can change but if it’s true the important things are its September 20th release date, full trophy support (not a surprise), clearer 720p visuals, and a “completely updated in-game voiceover directed by series vocalist Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and soundtrack score enhancing the storytelling and ambient music within each re-mastered game.” Exciting.

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