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Another Fourteen Minutes of Stunning BioShock Infinite Gameplay



This game is still a long ways off, it’s due out sometime late next year, but that definitely shouldn’t keep you from thoroughly enjoying fourteen minutes of brand spanking new gameplay footage from BioShock Infinite, courtesy of GameTrailers. While its predecessors took place in and around the underwater city of Rapture, Infinite takes us high into the sky, in the beautiful city of Columbia. This is the most we’ve seen from this game since the 10 jaw-dropping minutes of gameplay footage they unveiled about a year ago, and the following is just as mesmerizing.

Every time I get another glimpse at BioShock Infinite I get even more excited for the game than I was before. Everything about it is stunning, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say this game has a very good chance of being as beautiful and unforgettable as the original BioShock. I’m also a big fan of a protagonist that actually talks, and while I’m a big fan, I’m glad he’s not voiced by Nolan North.


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