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Zombie Pinata? What’s Next



Just when I thought I had seen it all. Zombie ball, zombie cafe, zombie farm, zombie wranglers. Where will the zombie games end? Riverdance, that’s where. In Zombie Pinata a evil Mayan spirit is released and inhabits the bodies of the 1st thing it comes into contact with. Pinatas.

Zombie Pinata is out now, and you can get it on your apple devices from the appstore. Screens and features past the break. Key Features:

– Travel around some of Mexico’s most famous cities and areas while whacking all the piñatas that stand in your way, clean each town and free the land from this zombie infestation.

– More than anything, piñatas fear the might of the whacking stick, improve your skills with upgradable combos and get power ups to turn your piñata stick into the legendary “Master Stick”

– Visit the totally groovy “Cheke’s Specialty Shop” for grenades, extra ammo and other awesome improvements to increase your chances for survival as you face hordes and hordes of zombie piñatas and people they have turned into zombies.

– Use every weapon and special item at your disposal; inflate zombies or blow them up, dish out justice, piñata hunter style!

– Download additional content such as music and game wallpapers for free!

– Future updates will bring additional achievements and future leader board integration using OpenFeint.


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