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The Dark Meadow Looks Hauntingly Good



I almost glanced over The Dark Meadow as I was perusing through some video game stuffs, but I’m glad I stopped. The Dark Meadow is an iOS game that runs on the Unreal 3 game engine. “From the start, our vision for The Dark Meadow was to create a top-tier console gaming experience that works on iOS devices from 3GS to iPad 2,” said Chip Sineni, Director of Phosphor Games Studios. “From the real-time cinematics and in-depth storyline, to the gesture-based ranged and melee combat systems, our goal is to integrate the best of hardcore console gaming with the intuitive ease of the casual mobile world.”

In The Dark Meadow you awake in a hospital unsure of how exactly you got there. You meet an old man who tells you there is a witch controlling horrible minions through out the hospital will the soul purpose of killing you. The only way out? Kill the witch. More past the break. “Phosphor Games Studio has been a development partner of ours for years, and we’re happy to see them create a unique experience for iOS utilizing their talents and skills with Unreal Engine 3,” said Mark Rein, Vice President of Epic Games. “It’s exciting to see more triple-A quality games coming to mobile devices and we can’t wait to play The Dark Meadow.”

With a sword and a crossbow you fight your way through the monsters to try and kill the witch. The game will also have RPG elements to it, money you can find to buy better items, and you can find papers throughout that unveil exactly why you were in the hospital. The game comes out next month (exact date and price point yet to be announced) in the Apple Apps Store.


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