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Here’s Our First Glimpse At The Silent Hill Remastered Collection



Announced not long after Capcom revealed their Resident Evil: Revival Selection, Konami let loose their plans to remaster Silent Hill 2 and 3 in the Remastered Collection. Unlike Resident Evil, the new and improved Silent Hills will be exclusive to the PS3 (at least for the time being), but at least many gamers who missed these fantastic games the first time around will now have the opportunity to experience them with updated visuals.

The Remastered Collection is expected to release sometime in September or October, though no solid release date has been revealed yet. What’s even more exciting is the inclusion of full trophy support and updated in-game voice work from Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, who’s singing has appeared in almost every game in the main series. Head past the break for a few screenshots, unfortunately we don’t yet have a screen of the Pyramid Head mannequin rape scene but since I know many of you are clamoring to see it I will make it my duty to bring you a screenshot of that sometime in the near future.

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