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Revival Selection Gets Priced, Feast Your Eyes On Some New Gameplay



Just last week it was revealed that HD versions of both Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica X would be releasing on PSN and XBLA in September. RE4 will come out on the 20th with Code Veronica following a week later on the 27th. When it comes to gameplay we really haven’t been able to see much of what these games look like in action, but today, that changes. Below you can sneak a peek at the new and improved Resident Evil 4 and after the jump you’ll find some Code Veronica gameplay.

Having played Resident Evil 4 off and on a handful of times since it’s release, the upgrade in visuals is very noticeable – the textures are crisper and everything is clearer, like you’re seeing what the world really looks like after wearing glasses for the first time. Or maybe you’ve spent your entire life crying, seeing the world through a veil of tears until finally, you heard my sultry voice in the Dead Pixels podcast, immediately cheered up, and can now see a world that isn’t clouded by tears. Head past the break for some Code Veronica gameplay and a batch of new screenshots. Aww, you hit the read more button, I appreciate it. I think I’ll reward you with some Code Veronica gameplay, a bunch of new screenshots, and the confirmed price of the two games, which will run you $19.99 (or 1600 MSP on the Xbox 360).

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