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David Duchovny Talks MORE ‘X-Files’ Sequels!



It has taken nearly a decade to continue on with the story of Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, and with 20th Century Fox’s sequel X-Files: I Want to Believe on its way to theaters this July it’s almost shocking to hear that star David Duchovny is already talking more sequels. In this month’s Wizard Magazine (Issue #201) he chats briefly about how he believes the franchise is infinite in it’s possibilities.
I know it took me about a year to feel whole after the show was over. After that point I was ready, and it was always my intention, my desire, that the show would continue on in movie form,” Duchovny tells Wizard Magazine.

So, this could be a series of movies, they ask.

I wouldn’t see any reason to do it unless it were. It’s a serial show by its nature. The frame and the characters throw off an infinite number of stories and situations, it’s a classic, archetypal relationship., with a believer and a nonbeliever, with this kind of unrequited love in the middle of it, and it all works. And that can work forever as long as your stories are good.

In the Chris Carter directed sequel arriving in theaters July 25, when a group of women are abducted in the wintry hills of rural Virginia, the only clues to their disappearance are the grotesque human remains that begin to turn up in snow banks along the highway. With officials desperate for any lead, a disgraced priest’s questionable “visions” send local police on a wild goose chase and straight to a bizarre secret medical experiment that may or may not be connected to the women’s disappearance. It’s a case right out of The X-Files. But the FBI closed down its investigations into the paranormal years ago. And the best team for the job is ex-agents Fox Mulder and Dr. Dana Scully, who have no desire to revisit their dark past. Still, the truth of these horrific crimes is out there somewhere…and it will take Mulder and Scully to find it!


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