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Corey Haim Joins Cast of ‘New Terminal Hotel’



Even though his role was nothing more than a post-credits cameo, it looks like LOST BOYS 2: THE TRIBE has given new life to ’80s star Corey Haim. The ’80s teen heart throb is now filming a new horror movie in Washington, Pa. Directed by BC Furtney is NEW TERMINAL HOTEL (first talked about here), which has been filming for several weeks at the historic George Washington Hotel, according to WPXI. “New Terminal Hotel” also stars scream queen Tiffany Shepis, Ezra Buzzington (The Hills Have Eyes, Mirrors) and his former “Fright Night” sidekick, Steven Geoffreys. Buzzington will star as “Spitz” a wheelchair-bound child pornographer who’s a resident of the hotel and a friend of Geoffreys’ lead character.

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