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BDTV: First Look at ‘Death’s Door’



The filmmakers of the new indie film DEATH’S DOOR were cool enough to get us a little taste of what the movie has in store for us! Slightly spoilerific and some fun gore inside! Directed by George Scileppi, each week on her local cable show “The Seance Hour”, medium Madame Camille holds a seance with a guest from her viewing audience. But it’s a sham. Special effects smoke and mirrors. And everyone behind the scene knows it, including Camille. What they don’t realize is that Camille’s psychic powers are real. Her seance opens a door to the “Other Side” and connects with the spirit world. Tonight, the show’s producer has booked a controversial guest to boost the ratings. A guest who’s past holds a dark, horrible secret. So tonight, when hands are joined to form the seance circle, and the door to the Other Side is opened… Evil will be unleashed.
Watch in hi-res here:


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