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Horror In Your House: The Blood Returns in Valentine Re-Release



Welcome to the January 13th edition of Horror In Your House, which features this week’s horror DVD releases. Besides the unrated version of Alex Aja’s MIRRORS, you’ll be able to pick up Lionsgate’s MY BLOODY VALENTINE, which features all of the deleted scenes that were cut from the film – integrated into the movie! This is a MUST for any horror fan. Read on to see what else hit stores.

Horror in Your House
January 13, 2008
By: Tex Massacre


My Bloody Valentine DVD re-releaseBrandon attacks one last time in this final installment of the AMATEUR PORN STAR KILLER Trilogy. Real-life Porn Star Regan Reese portrays an up-and-coming actress picked up off the streets by the young serial killer. What starts off as a Good Samaritan act quickly turns into a game of cat in mouse in the late night empty fields of a small town where the victim has nobody to turn to except the killer himself.


An all-star indie cast heads AMATEUR PORN STAR KILLER 3D: Inside the Head; a satirical look at the APSK films, their success, and a mockery of the internet-frenzy-world today’s youth live in. Brandon has become a worldwide celebrity. Girls want him, guys want to be him, and filmmakers want to tell his story. Little do they know they’ve all made Brandon’s kill list. But Brandon may just be a victim himself when some of his past victims are resurrected from the dead.


You’re trapped in the dark elevator of a deserted building with two strangers on a hot August afternoon, with a dire need to be somewhere else. Things couldn’t get any worse…unless one of you is a psychopathic serial killer.


This film is the most outrageous, Grindhouse take on Poe’s “Murders in the Rue Morgue” ever committed to film. A carnival barker foolishly releases his 400 pound gorilla, who then literally goes bananas on a rampage of raw rape and boffo butchery – leaving the low rent population of Long Island New York either sexually violated, slaughtered – or both! From filmmaker Keith J. Crocker, The Bloody Ape is a gore-soaked love letter to the sex and violence of the drive-in movie era that pulls no punches and offers no apologies for wallowing in a skin-drenched stew of crudeness and camp!


A night of Spring Break partying turns into a living nightmare for student Mary Murdock after she hits a bump on a dark road and returns home to find a man dangling from her car’s bumper. When he grabs her as she approaches to help, Mary frantically hits him until his bloody body stops moving. Panicked, she buries him in the secluded woods and returns home to cover her trail. But when it becomes clear that the crazed man is alive and has escaped his grave only for revenge, she stops worrying about evidence and starts worrying about surviving the night. With a vengeful madman following her every move, Mary learns that some accidents are deadly even after they’ve cleared the road.


Kiefer Sutherland stars as a security guard who is exposed to unspeakable acts of evil from the past, present and future only visible to him in the reflection of mirrors. Suddenly, his life is exposed to the evil and he must stop it before everyone he knows is dead.

TEX SAYS: Director Alexandre Aja’s signature style is all over this film, but that doesn’t make it any less of a mess–a good looking mess, but still a mess.


Twenty years after a Valentine’s Day tragedy, a small town prepares for its annual holiday dance. When a box of candy arrives containing an eerie warning and a blood-soaked heart, the townsfolk realize that this Valentine’s Day romance is as good as dead…and so are they!

TEX SAYS: So much better than the Paramount DVD that was released in 2002. Sell off your old one, grab this one, and I’ll see you at the theater on Friday for the remake!!!

TOKYO GORE POLICE: Tokyo Shock/Media Blasters

In the near future, the Tokyo Police Corporation is locked in a bloody war with the “engineers.” These genetically modified super-criminals can bio-fuse their open wounds with weapons, turning self-mutilation into a combat form. Ruka, the daughter of the police chief’s murdered right-hand man, is now the top engineer hunter. With cold-blooded efficiency she cuts through the psychotic engineers and tracks down their home base, a truly bizarre fetish club. Nothing keeps her from her sworn duty, even when she finds out the truth behind her father’s death.

TEX SAYS: It was tough not to make this the Pick of the Week! So, buy a copy anyway…just to make up for it.

YELLOW FANGS: Cinema Epoch

YELLOW FANGS tells the story of a young bear hunter living in the village of Hawk’s Hills, Japan. When Yuki, a young woman recently kicked out of her home, spends the night with him, a giant bear attacks her home, kills her father, her brothers and carries her mother off into the mountains. The bear hunters gather together and go after the beast but he forbids Yuki to follow. Undaunted, Yuki disguises herself as a boy and goes after “Red Spot” herself.

YETI: Genius

A college football team must find a way to survive after their plane crashes on a remote mountain during a blizzard. What starts as a battle against the elements becomes a desperate struggle to escape when they discover an ancient creature with a ravenous appetite for fresh meat. Will they survive the sub-zero temperatures, only to be eaten by the snow beast that hunts them down?

TEX SAYS: Its ALIVE meets the Abominable Snowman in this latest Maneater film! Come one…you know you want to see it just based on that idea alone.

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