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Horror Nights ’09: Rob Zombie on ‘The Blob’ and Making Music



We’ve got more interviews from the opening night of Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights, which is now ongoing through the end of the month. Beyond the break you’ll find our exclusive chat with Rob Zombie from the red carpet of the Chiller Eyegore Awards where he talks about The Blob remake, along with the future of music.
We were lucky enough to catch Rob Zombie for a few minutes on the red carpet before he headed in to accept an award. We asked him about his progress writing the latest BLOG remake, which he was announced to write and direct last month.

I’m about halfway [done],” he tells Bloody Disgusting adding that he really doesn’t know what the Blob will look like just yet. “I’m still working on it, so I cant really say… I was thinking, you know, it wasn’t going to be a big red globby thing. I don’t know what it IS going to be, it’s more like I know what I DON’T want it to be.

He also confirms that he’d like to once again work with DP Brandon Trost, who did the cinematography for HALOWEEN II. “Yeah, I loved Brandon, he’s great.” Although, it’s so early that it’s impossible to know if he’ll be involved or not.

We also chatted briefly about the recent news circulating that Zombie’s forthcoming album will be his last. “No, Ill keep making records. I think I said something about the final CD meaning I think about in a year, they literally won’t manufacture CDs anymore.

We also asked him what type of business model he’s interested in for the future of music distribution. “I don’t know, I don’t know what people are going to do, because once CDs are literally dead, what do you do? Have a song of the month club or something?” We also asked him as a fan, if he’s ever felt ripped off by purchasing a CD and then putting the music on an iPod. “What I do that I hate is I still buy CDs, put it on my iPod and literally forget that I bought the CD because it’s mixed in with literally 15,000-f*cking-songs. Whereas [before iPods] you had the album and listened to it a million times.

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