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Update: ‘Piranha 3D’ Test Screened, Bloodiest Movie Ever?



Update: The film was NOT screened in 3-D. B-D reader Mark G. sent us in an e-mail this evening telling us that he recently attending a special screening of Piranha 3D in Paramus, NJ. While we haven’t confirmed the validity of the screening, and we’re unsure if it was shown in 3-D, below you can read his thoughts on Alex Aja’s latest genre pic, which he describes as “ by far the BLOODIEST movie I’ve ever seen.” Count me in!
Mark G. writes in to Bloody Disgusting:

I just got back from the first screening of Piranha, which took place in the Garden State Plaza in Paramus, NJ. Alexandra Aja was there, he sat in front of me (first time it was shown to an audience).

I’m sure the board will be buzzing with some other people that were there. I’m not going to discuss specifics as we’re not supposed to, but it was by far the BLOODIEST movie I’ve ever seen. It was also very funny in parts. Jerry O’Connell was the comic relief.

A lot of hot chicks like Gianna Michaels and Ashlynn Brooke have topless cameos, lots of funny stuff, first 30 minutes sets it up well, and then once the piranha kick into high gear, you will be treated to some of the most BLOODY SCENES IN MOVIE HISTORY…done very dramatically and frighteningly (it wasn’t campy or funny when the piranha start attacking, it was horrifying, but exciting too). I’m not going to give away specifics. Lots of naked, hot chicks, and cool music and party scenes.

(looks like it was filmed on Lake Havasu.

Jessica Sczhor spends about 90% of the movie in a bikini which was good too.

Jerry O’Connell was the funniest part of the movie, McQueen was good, Schzor was good, Elizabeth Shue was good.


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