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Returning to the Place of Terror in ‘In the Shadow’



We received a tip to a new foreign thriller, although it’s in broken English (come on, it adds to the charm!). Here’s the plot crunch for Paul Özcan’s In the Shadow: “So as to gather pieces of evidence for their doctorate thesis, three criminology students go with a camera to the place where a notorious serial killer performed his murderous deeds. But they are about to realize that entering such a sanctuary does not come without consequences.” Check out more details below.
We received the following release:

“Scary, Spooky, Deadly effective” If you are looking for the scariest film of this year, don’t ask to your friends and family, ask to horror filmmakers, Worldwide. Most of them already read the script of In The Shadow, shooting right now in Paris, and helped to spread the “buzz” over this feature film. From the underground to mainstreams blockbusters, From Canada to Japan, the script is passing through every single hands of the “who’s who” of horror and is truly awaited by them. In the tradition of “the french new wave of Horror Film”, people are expected to be scared in an exotic way.

This film features Maximilien Poullein (The Horde), Jordan Jones (EBTV, Beverly Hills Chiwawas) Emmanuelle Coutellier (The Zero Hour) and it’s the first Feature Film directed by Paul Ozcan. In the Shadow is the first feature film of the Canadian producer, Philémond-Montout Jimmy.

The film is expected to be distributed in the end of 2010.


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