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‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ 3D Sequel Already in the Works



With the remake looking to top $35m this opening weekend, buzz from inside New Line Cinema is that a 3D sequel to A Nightmare on Elm Street is already being discussed, while Platinum Dunes producer added more fuel to the fire via Twitter by adding that a sequel is “already in the works.” A similar situation happened when Platinum Dune’s reboot of Friday the 13th opened to $40m before dropping a whopping 80% the following weekend. And as we all know, New Line has yet to give the go ahead to that 3D sequel. With Iron Man 2 opening next weekend, I expect the same drop. All I know is that I want to see our horror icons live on and hope that New Line keeps Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger alive and well at whatever capacity. As of 8:45PM PST Saturday night, Elm Street has a average user rating of 3/5 skulls in the Bloody Disgusting database. Click here to post your review.


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