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OMFG: ‘Green Wake’ Re-Released As Free Web Comic



Kurtis Wiebe dropped this bomb on us yesterday, Green Wake is currently being re-released as a serialized web comic, and it’s completely free! You now have absolutely no excuses. The book will be available on Keenspot with daily updates starting at issue #1. You know we love Green Wake here at BD, so find out why. Find the link after the jump.

Kurtis Wiebe announced via facebook yesterday:

The announcement has arrived! Starting this morning you’ll be able to get your friends to read Green Wake and this time, they can offer no excuses. It’s free and it’s online, the original series starting at Issue #1 will be available on Keenspot. Tell everyone you know who hasn’t given this series a chance!

So what are you waiting for, start reading right now!


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