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Lords Of Acid Back After Eleven Years!



After an eleven year absence, Lords of Acid are back! On April 10th, the band will release their new album, Deep Chills, via Metropolis Records. Recorded in Belgium and Los Angeles, the album sees Praga Khan team up with Erhan Kurkun for the music and arrangements while DJ Mea takes on the vocals. 
Pop That Tooshie features adult film star Alana Evans while Paranormal Energy features Zak Bagans, star of Ghost Adventures and Paranormal Challenge.
The slightly-NSFW album cover is below along with the full tracklist.

01.   Little Mighty Rabbit (Album Version)
02.   Drowning In Ecstasy (Album Version)
03.   Long Johns
04.   Sole Sucker (Album Version)
05.   Pop That Tooshie (feat. Alana Evans)
06.   Love Bus
07.   Children Of Acid
08.   Hot Magma
09.   Medicine Man
10.   Censorship Blows
11.   Slip N Slide
12.   Mary Queen of Slots
13.   Paranormal Energy (feat. Zak Bagans)
14.   Surfin’ Hedgehog


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