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A Scientific Frankenstein ‘Phasma Ex Machina’



Gaining some significant hype ’round town is Matt Osterman’s indie Phasma Ex Machina, a bizarre sci-fi thriller with horror elements. How so? Check this synopsis out: “What would you do to bring someone back? How far would you go? Phasma Ex Machina explores the grey area between life and death and how science may be the bridge between the two. A young man named Cody, tasked with raising his younger brother James after the death of their parents, plunges himself into the murky science of the supernatural. Ignoring his responsibilities as a caretaker, Cody invents a machine he intends to be a conduit to the other side. In his pursuit to build the device he befriends an affable electrical engineer named Tom who has his own tale of love and loss. Cody eventually reaches an unintended level of success that not only threatens his safety, but also the well-being of James and Tom. He quickly learns that the supernatural isn’t all that super and human nature can even be worse.” Check out the trailer and one sheet below.
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