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OXM Takes A Look At Operation Raccoon City, Now You Can Too



2011 seems like ages ago, its memory undoubtedly faded by heavy drinking over New Years. One of the many, many games that are preparing to come out in what could very possibly be a fantastic year for horror is Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Last year started with a bang, giving us Dead Space 2, and this year is looking equally as great with two Resident Evil games coming out in the first quarter of the year.

Next month the 3DS will get Resident Evil: Revelations (Feb 7), with Operation Raccoon City releasing the following month on March 20. Head past the break for more details! OXM had the opportunity to chat with Mike Jones, a Producer at Capcom, about the upcoming game in their bi-weekly OXM Report video series that appears on Xbox Live.

If you’ve been keeping up with the Operation Raccoon City news, you’ll probably pretty familiar with much of what’s shown in the video, but with the game only a few months away it’s nice to see how it’s all shaping up so close to release. Cox dives into the six playable characters on the Umbrella Security Squad, the various ways you can dispatch the undead and BOWs that come your way, and how your decisions will affect the Resident Evil timeline.

You can watch the video on your Xbox dashboard, or if that sounds like too much work, you can head on over to OXM Online to check it out!