Timur Bekmambetov Gets Into Found Footage Game With 'Apollo 18' - Bloody Disgusting
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Timur Bekmambetov Gets Into Found Footage Game With ‘Apollo 18’



After 15 years, the lame “I didn’t see Apollo 13 because I never saw the first 12″ jokes had finally gone away for good, and now Timur Bekmambetov goes and revives them with Apollo 18, a found-footage/alien film with a cool angle – Apollo 18 WAS an actual mission that was canceled by NASA in the 70s. The film purports that it indeed happened and alien life was discovered. Bekmambetov is producing the Trevor Cawood film, with a script by Brian Miller (both men come from the visual effects world), and according to Deadline, the Weinstein Company has won a bidding war for distribution rights. The film is due on March 4th (Mr. Disgusting and I’s birthday!), so I’m sure we’ll be seeing more soon. Bekmambetov is also still set to helm Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and hopefully that happens soon – Wanted was over two years ago! Don’t want to see him become another Guillermo, constantly announcing projects or settling for producing. Get him behind the camera, NOW!


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