Oren Peli To Break Out of Found-Footage Game With 'Eliza Graves' - Bloody Disgusting
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Oren Peli To Break Out of Found-Footage Game With ‘Eliza Graves’



With another found-footage film in the can (Area 51) and a verite TV show on the way (The River), I was starting to wonder if Oren Peli was interested in doing a traditional narrative. Well, it seems he is, and he’s going to one of the masters for the source material. According to Variety, Peli will helm Eliza Graves, which is based on a short story by none other than Edgar Allan Poe (except unlike Variety, we spell his name right. Glad these guys are considered the experts), and concerns a Harvard Medical grad taking on a job at an asylum which, unbeknownst to him, has been taken over by the inmates. Mel Gibson is one of the producers; I assume he will also be on hand as a technical advisor to the actors playing crazed lunatics. More on Eliza as we hear it…


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