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Anne Rice Holds Rights to ‘Vampire Chronicles’ Features



While the studios continue to drag their feet on a “Vampire Chronicles” reboot, writer Anne Rice caught up with the NY Post to talk all things vampire. Included in the deep discussion, Rice gives a glimmer of hope to all of those wanting more adventures of Lestat (that includes me!) “I hope there will be [more movies], but I don’t have anything firm to report,” she explains. “A lot of interest, a lot of talk. The rights are all mine; they don’t belong to a studio anymore, they belong to me. It’s been a long struggle, but we have a lot of interest and there’s a lot of talks going on, so we’ll see. I’m hoping. I’m hoping that I will have something to announce soon.” If a studio were to make another Lestat movie, which book would you like to see adapted, and would you want a reboot?


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