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Fugly New ‘Red State’ Poster Introduces Cliche Virgin



What’s with stars using their talents as collateral to force fans to donate money these days? That entire “donate or we won’t tweet” situation (that completely failed) last week was absolutely appalling (and loaded with narcissism), especially considering how meaningless $1m was between the lot of ’em. Now writer/director Kevin Smith is hoping to “do some good” with the release of his second Red State poster that was only unveiled after a bunch of generous fans pledged $1000 to The Wayne Foundation in less than 30 minutes. I just don’t appreciate public figures holding things over their fan’s head forcing them to donate. If you’re a charitable person, you can make your fans aware of the opportunities without forcing them to empty their pockets (here’s an example from Bloody Disgusting). If you really want to help change the world, then maybe post links to various charities or include a banner to the Wayne Foundation in all of your podcasts/blogs/etc.? Either way, if you feel strongly about the Wayne Foundation’s cause, make sure to donate. Anyways, Red State is premiering at Sundance this coming January, hopefully the thriller isn’t as fugly as the following poster. Blarg.
Check out the first batch of stills:

Red State

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