[Exclusive] Cattle Decapitation 'Kingdom Of Tyrants' Video Premiere - Bloody Disgusting
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[Exclusive] Cattle Decapitation ‘Kingdom Of Tyrants’ Video Premiere



We are extremely excited to bring you the exclusive music video premiere for Cattle Decapitation‘s Kingdom Of Tyrants! This track comes off their upcoming album Monolith Of Inhumanity, which hits stores May 8th (pre-order here). This video shows heavy influence from Tetsuo: Iron Man which if you have seen it you’ll totally understand where I’m coming from. That aside I’m very excited for this video to be seen, Cattle Decapitation is one of the best metal bands out there right now. Read past the break and enjoy!

…reality must be held to at all costs…though that may be the most moral thing to do, it is not necessarily the most useful thing to do…” -Isaac Asimov

Comments singer Travis Ryan: “We’ve kicked around the idea of doing a mini-film out of a song that has a big intro for years now and when I saw Mitch Massie’s work on one of our friends’ videos, we knew he would be the one to pull it off. We had no idea he would bring it to a level such as this though. The ‘Kingdom of Tyrants’ mini-film completely leveled our expectations. Having given him director styles I would have liked to see used such as Matthew Barney, Harmony Korine and Ridley Scott, I still never assumed we would have received something so in line with what we had in mind for this as what you see here with this video. It’s disturbing. It’s thought-provoking. Its 100% CATTLE DECAPITATION and in the direction we’ve been heading. Massie is the man and this is by far the best video we’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of.”

Adds director Mitch Massie: “I acknowledge that I will rightfully burn in some subdivision of Hell for even attempting a rough tribute to Kubrick, but at least I will make Hell a home with CATTLE DECAPITATION and a few other damned risk-takers as neighbors. When Travis and I spoke about the concept it was a comforting fact that he too had reservations about picking fruits from the Kubrick tree. It wasn’t until the first night of production was over and we sat down to watch the shaky rough footage when a rather sardonic thought sparked the flint that ignited the funeral pyre in me, ‘fuck it, while we are here, as parts of our generation that dry-humps references in an over-saturated landfill of technological trinkets — where nothing is sacred — anyway, we might as well bury the rest of the masters in the filth they inspired in us and enter our homes justified. I’m a soulless ginger anyway so what do I care about these new risks of damnation when I never had a chance to begin with?’ Every move made in a music video production is dictated only by the song and when listening to the ‘The Monolith’ and/or ‘Kingdom of Tyrants’ can one truly feel it is anything but a beautiful damnation? I will never know but can only hope that I married images with the song so well that the monolith may swing back around with a chance to evolve, or completely de-evolve into some foul animal, and do another damned project for this incendiary and all around amazing band.”

Make sure to catch Cattle Decapitation on the Occupation Domination 2012 Tour with Origin, Decrepit Birth, Aborted, Rings Of Saturn and Battlecross.

04/23/12 Railroad Tavern – Keene, NH
04/24/12 Club Europa – Brooklyn, NY
04/25/12 Harpos – Detroit, MI
04/26/12 Brass Rail – Peoria, IL
04/27/12 Mojoe’s – Joliet, IL
04/28/12 Camelot Arena – Portage, IN
04/29/12 Fubar – St. Louis, MO
04/30/12 The Rogue – Fayetteville, AR
05/02/12 El Rey Theatre – Albuquerque, NM
05/03/12 Cheyenne Saloon – Las Vegas, NV
05/04/12 Ruby Room – San Diego, CA
05/05/12 The Clubhouse – Tempe, AZ
05/06/12 The Whisky a Go-Go – Hollywood, CA
05/07/12 Slidebar – Fullerton, CA
05/08/12 DNA Lounge – San Francisco, CA
05/09/12 Plea For Peace Center – Stockton, CA
05/10/12 The Alley – Sparks, NV
05/11/12 Branx – Portland, OR
05/12/12 Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
05/13/12 The Venue – Boise, ID
05/14/12 In The Venue – Salt Lake City, UT
05/15/12 The Summit Music Hall – Denver, CO
05/16/12 People’s Court – Des Moines, IA
05/17/12 Station 4 – St. Paul, MN
05/18/12 The Granada Theater – Lawrence, KS


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