Lionsgate Colonizes 'Chaos Walking', Taps Charlie Kaufman To Infect Adaptation! - Bloody Disgusting
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Lionsgate Colonizes ‘Chaos Walking’, Taps Charlie Kaufman To Infect Adaptation!



Lionsgate has high hopes that the Patrick Ness young adult novel series “Chaos Walking” has the potential to become another futuristic Hunger Games-esque franchise, says Deadline. While the mission on most of those book to movie sensations is to stick close to the books, Lionsgate has done an intriguing thing on “Chaos Walking”: they’ve set Charlie Kaufman to adapt the first book in the series!

The Carnegie Medal winning book is set in a dystopian future with humans colonizing a distant earth-like planet. When an infection called the Noise suddenly makes all thought audible, privacy vanishes, chaos ensues, and a corrupt autocrat threatens to take control of the human settlements and wage war with the indigenous alien race. Only young Todd Hewitt holds the key to stopping planet wide-destruction.

It’s not quite horror, but there are some interesting elements that make it sound like it taps into Alien, Total Recall, while also channeling films like John Carter. We’ll sit back on this one and see how it develops.


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