SXSW '11 REVIEW: 'Kill List' Successfully Builds to a Shocker - Bloody Disgusting
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SXSW ’11 REVIEW: ‘Kill List’ Successfully Builds to a Shocker



Just acquired last night by IFC Midnight was Ben Wheatley’s Kill List, an entry from the SXFantastic midnight series at SXSW. The pic is about a group of demobbed soldiers turned contract killers who run up against a devil-worshipping coven.

David Harley is running around like a madman at the Austin film festival checking out all of the premieres, and talking to the directors. Continuing our SXSW coverage we’ve just now added our review of Kill List, an uneven movie that carries quite a few surprises:

Kill List is a film that warrants a second viewing, if only to see how seemingly unrelated incidents connect in hindsight. On a first watch, however, Wheatley’s hit man horror is an atmospheric delight, boasting incredibly intense performances by Maskell and Smiley, and a doozy of an ending that will unhinge even the most hardened of genre fans.

You’ll find the full review by clicking the title above.
Kill List


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