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TV: Denis O’Hare Talks Bizarre ‘American Horror Story’



From a high school musical to an “American Horror Story,” “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy doesn’t play it safe. Murphy and production partner Brad Falchuk are set to film a pilot for a horror TV series called “American Horror Story,” starring “True Blood”‘s Denis O’Hare and “Friday Night Light”‘s Connie Britton.

Speaking from the Supernova Pop Culture Expo in Brisbane, Australia, O’Hare told Bloody Disgusting he was excited to shoot the pilot in May and was attracted to the “very gripping script.

Story inside.

Denis O'Hare

Ryan (Murphy) sought me ought and we had a lovely conversation, he gave me the script and I read it,” he said.

I thought it was very intriguing and very scary, so I said ‘absolutely’.

The title is appropriate – American Horror Story- take from that what you will.

Set for a debut on FX, Murphy and Falchuk are also working with fellow Glee executive producer Dante Di Loreto who was behind the Golden Globe-winning TV movie Temple Grandin. Horror TV shows are few and far between, but O’Hare said he thinks an American Horror Story can succeed with its “intelligent story” and “atmosphere“.

It’s not just about scariness, it’s also about the psychology behind it,” he said.

It’s hard to classify.

People are attracted to the supernatural. People are attracted to the idea of all things haunted. People are attracted to the idea of what happens to people who see really bad things happen to them.

It’s like watching a car crash; people like the macabre.

They like the dark side of life; they’re attracted to it.

Although he didn’t reveal any details about his character, O’Hare said horror buffs concerned the show will be more candy than carnage have nothing to worry about.

I think it’s a very edgy script and that’s exciting; it’s not safe.


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