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Cleverly Titled ‘Blood Shed’ in Pre-Production



Award-winning writer and director Patrick Hasson‘s forthcoming low-budget independent horror film Blood Shed is set to start production in Studio City later this year, reports the Patch.

What ‘Jaws’ did for people going into the water, ‘Blood Shed’ will do for anyone having to visit that long-lost self-storage unit, said Hasson, making a pretty bold (and odd) statement before having even turned on the camera.

Written by Hasson and chosen as a quarterfinalist in the Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting, “ ‘Blood Shed’ draws on elements of mythology and Mexican Santeria to tell the story of Gabriel, a homeless loner who takes up residence in a storage unit that holds secrets about his biological parents. Gabriel quickly realizes he is not alone in the building–many homeless squatters are living among the storage units, including a mother and son, a prostitute, a meth-head and an old man.

The story is based in part on Hasson’s own experience of living in his self-storage unit years ago when he found himself without a place to stay.


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