Ex-Boyfriends and Ghostface in Latest 'Scream 4' Clip; Wussy Kids, Mom. - Bloody Disgusting
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Ex-Boyfriends and Ghostface in Latest ‘Scream 4’ Clip; Wussy Kids, Mom.



In this fresh clip from Wes Craven’s Scream 4 star Hayden Panettiere chats with Emma Roberts’ annoying ex-boyfriend, who ends up being the notorious Ghostface killer. Unfortunately the clip was recorded off a TV with an Android, but hey, it beats nothing.

In addition, a hilarious article was posted over at The Herald in Australia where mothers at Albert Park primary say their children are spooked by the enormous Scream 4 poster that towers over their school. It features the masked “Ghostface”, an evil knife-wielding killer.

This story is HILARIOUS considering how many kids run around wearing “masks” during Halloween. Do these psycho, overprotective parents lock their kids in the basement on October 31? Cry me a friggin’ river. Full story here.

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