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Scott Glosserman Talks ‘Behind The Mask 2’ Plans



A huge panel of cast and crew from the awesome Behind The Mask was gathered for Creation’s Weekend of Horrors today in Los Angeles, including writer/director Scott Glosserman, and naturally talk of the long-awaited sequel came up.

Glosserman wanted to stress that the sequel was “far from a certainty”, but the script is written and everyone has given an oral agreement to come back, including Robert Englund. Glosserman told the crowd that what needs to happen is a “groundswell of communal support”, because they won’t be able to get financing without proof that there is interest/demand for a sequel. He mentioned possible “crowdfunding” as a means to “make a dent” in the budget, just to prove to financiers that this can be a successful project.

In the meantime, they have just launched a new Facebook page, where you can watch a new video of Leslie (Nathan Baesel) talking about what he’s been up to, as well as dropping some hints at what the sequel will be about (Glosserman says that it will deconstruct sequels, prequels, AND remakes!). So head on over and “like” the page to show support (Glosserman mentioned calling on the “Hatchet Army” to help out – represent, folks!) – let’s do what we can to get Leslie Vernon the sequel he deserves!


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