Censorship: 'Human Centipede's Tom Six Responds to BBFC Banning - Bloody Disgusting
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Censorship: ‘Human Centipede’s Tom Six Responds to BBFC Banning



I can only imagine how much is sucks to be director Tom Six right about now, although the dude should be exponentially proud that he’s become part of pop culture. No matter what the future holds, he will always be remembered.

But currently, this week to be exact, is sh*t. Not to mention that we revealed the entire cast early this morning, but the director’s The Human Centipede Part 2: Full Sequence was outright banned by the UK BBFC. The boys over at Empire got word as to “why” this ruling was made, which included a full breakdown of the plot, while also slinging insults and insinuations at the Franken-franchise. Aren’t they supposed to be objective? Hypocrites.

Anyways, Six responded to the BBFC over at Empire: “Thank you BBFC for putting spoilers of my movie on your website and thank you for banning my film in this exceptional way. Apparently I made an horrific horror-film, but shouldn’t a good horror film be horrific? My dear people it is a f****cking MOVIE. It is all fictional. Not real. It is all make-belief. It is art. Give people their own choice to watch it or not. If people can’t handle or like my movies they just don’t watch them. If people like my movies they have to be able to see it any time, anywhere also in the UK.

Short, sweet and to the point. I give his speech an A+. Scream it with me: “FUCK CENSORSHIP!”


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