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‘Vlog’ Slasher Finally Finds a Distributor in Anchor Bay



Over ten million young adults (18 – 24) watch video blogs and viral videos per month. That’s 2/3 of the entire young adult audience in the United States. But beyond the cat videos and loud but harmless rants, there is a dark side to watching “vlogs” (blog in video form) and the video cyber revolution is about to get a wake-up call! On October 11th, watch horror in real time when Anchor Bay Entertainment releases the 2008 (very long delay) cyber-cautionary tale Vlog on DVD.

Millions watched in horror as popular and sexy “vlogger” Brooke Marks was murdered on camera during one of her live webcasts. Her body was never found. But what happened in the weeks before might be the most depraved crimes of all. These are the days and nights leading up to Brooke’s brutal death: Her casual hook-ups with various guys. Her cruel put-downs of other women. And the faceless cyber-stalker who forces Brooke to watch as those closest to her are systematically tortured, slaughtered and defiled. From First Light Entertainment, experience the feature film version of the online sensation that shocked the world.



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