Marvel Works Magic to Get 'Doctor Strange' on Fast-track - Bloody Disgusting
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Marvel Works Magic to Get ‘Doctor Strange’ on Fast-track



I’ve never read the “Doctor Strange” comic books, but it always looked like “Harry Potter” on steroids to me. But I’m being told that if we’re gonna cover “Ghost Rider,” this Marvel adaptation deserves some Bloody press.

Created in 1963 “Doctor Strange” is the story of an arrogant surgeon who is injured in a car accident and goes on to become the Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel universe. Using his magical powers Strange protects the earth from attacks from other realms.

Twitch is reporting that that Joshua Oppenheimer and Thomas Donnelly have now turned in their script and Marvel is pushing forward with the property. Marvel has drafted a short list of directors to approach on the title and is forwarding the current script to each to try and sign someone up to ‘oversee continued development’. They say this is a sign that Marvel is committed to the character and are looking at Doctor Strange as a 2013 release.

Who would you cast as the Doctor? Who should direct?


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