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[OMFG] Long Lost Nickelodeon Horror Movie ‘Cry Baby Lane’ Uncovered!



Update: Viacom keeps pulling the movie, so watch as soon as you can!

Our Montreal stringer Lonmonster just stumbled onto something pretty amazing, especially for those of you in your late 20s/early 30s.

Popping up all over YouTube is “Cry Baby Lane”, the Nickelodeon TV movie from 2000 that was long considered to be a lost film.

From IMDB trivia: “Only aired once on Nickelodeon. It was never shown again due to an unprecedented number of complaints from parents who believed it was too frightening for a kid’s network. Since then, Nickelodeon has refused to release it to the public in any form and continues to deny its existence.”

Helmed by TV comedy director Peter Lauer (“Scrubs,” “Strangers With Candy,” “Chuck”), “Andrew (Jase Blankfort) and his older brother Carl (Trey Rogers) enjoy listening to ghost stories that the local undertaker (Frank Langella) tells them. One night he tells the tale of a local farmer whose wife gave birth to Siamese twins, one being good natured while the other was clearly evil. The farmer, ashamed of them, kept the twins locked in their room. Eventually the twins got sick and died together, so the farmer sawed them in half and buried the good twin in a cemetery and the bad twin in a shallow grave near the house. Later, Carl and his friends decide to hold a séance in the cemetery where the good twin is buried, but they unintentionally awaken the bad twin instead. Gradually, he possesses nearly everyone in town and it is up to young Andrew to stop him.

Watch it in its entirety below!

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